image of embroidered beanies with and without knockdown stitching

How Cold Weather Logowear Can Expose Your Embroidery Shop’s Priorities


The image above shows different beanies embroidered with the logo of one of our clients.  If you were the client, which one would you prefer? When most people think of workwear embroidery, they usually think in terms of embroidered caps, shirts, and jackets.  Caps, shirts, and jackets are a relatively easy medium with which to work.  Most embroidery shops with decent …

cheap embroidery yields cheap looking results

Compromising Your Embroidery Quality to Save a Buck


  Periodically we have to dig through a box of old stitchouts of logos.  During this process, we sometimes come across the embroidered logo stitchout we did for the Pointe du Hoc Foundation, whose original art is featured below. We always stop for a moment, partly to contemplate the challenge that cliff represented to those troops, and partly to admire the detail …

Cap Embroidery at 2,000 X normal speed!


This was one of our favorite embroidered hats that we have done.  It normally takes about 20 minute to stitch out.  Recognizing that you you don’t have twenty minutes to watch this, we sped it up!    

Image of an embroidered half of a donkey and a quarter - Seattle, Bellevue, WA

Is “Half-Assed” Work Worth 25% Less?


Every day we take calls from customers asking for quotes for various embroidery and screen printing jobs.  We win some.  We lose some.  If we were losing all of them, we would interpret that as a signal that our pricing was too high.  Conversely, if we were winning all of them, it would be wise to contemplate raising prices.  We …

image of embroidered industrial uniforms - Seattle, Tacoma, Portland

Embroidery on Flame Resistant Work Wear


Some industries need workwear that goes beyond just being heavy duty.  Some companies need embroidered workwear that can protect workers from flash fires, molten material, and electrical arc flashes.  There is specialized work wear for those industries and specialized embroidery thread for this purpose. Bulwark is a line of a work apparel that is designed to protect the wearer from electrial …

example of embroidery work for Seattle area client Green Forensics

How to Move Your Prospect to a Better Conversation with Logo Wear


We were delighted to learn that one of our embroidered lab coats had made an appropriately gruesome appearance on a national television show.  As we looked at the clip several times, we realized it was validating a theme we have hit upon in earlier blog posts and conversations we have with our logo wear clients. We have put the link …

image of embroidered US Postal Service jackets - Tacoma

Embroidered Corporate Logo Wear as an Employee Incentive


Looking for a great way to reward staff and incentivize particular behaviors among staff and volunteers?  Embroidered corporate logo wear fills that niche nicely. The U.S. Postal Service came to us looking for a way to reward employees for safe driving.  They had an idea to recognize this achievement by creating a Million Mile Club.  Staff who had driven one …

Original art for logo embroidery from firm in Boise, Idaho

Getting Creative with a Client’s Logo


A Boise, Idaho firm called us this week to request a rush embroidery job.  The firm had representatives working at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, and they found that they needed a small rush job of extra embroidered shirts.  The logo featured above was the logo that was e-mailed to us. The client told us by phone that she was not expecting us …

4 color process screen printed t-shirts - magenta pre-press film variations, Seattle, Portland Oregon

Four Color Process Screen Printing: Challenges and Opportunties


Dialing in the coloring with four color process screen printing is part software, part artistic judgment.  We recently took a call from a Corvallis, Oregon customer, about 50 miles south of Portland.  The customer needed this logo screen printed onto 100 t-shirts in time for the Washington State Fair, which is held about 50 miles south of Seattle.   The lion’s share …