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Corporate Branding

Don’t lose the first impression battle
because of your attire.

Logo wear should be an integral part of your corporate branding.  We are not just saying that because we are in the business.  NYU Marketing Professor Heidi Cohen cites uniforms as a distinct element of a successful corporate branding strategy in her article What Marketers Can Learn about Branding from School Teams.  

We know that you are concerned about your image. You’re building your corporate brand.  You’ve invested in your logo, your print materials, your business cards, your website, and  advertising.  Everything you’ve created so far is designed to say to your prospects and clients, “Have confidence in us.”

So now you are ready to outfit your team. You’re thinking about

Outfit your team in a way that continues to say, “Have confidence in us!”  To do otherwise at this point in your branding process is going to present an image that says, “We’re falling apart at the seams!”  That’s not what you want, is it?

Your people are the front line of your company.  Give them every advantage over your competition.  Outfitting your employees with corporate logo wear:

  1. raises their credibility,
  2. improves team cohesiveness, and
  3. generates a sense of pride for the wearer.

Harvey Briggs, the Marketing Director at OBX Thinking, reinforces some of the same points that Professor Cohen covered, but also offers suggestions about how logo wear should fit into the brand design process in his article Wearing the Brand.  In addition, SmashBrand offers an excellent case study on the importance of apparel in the logo design process in an article entitled What You Can Learn about Branding from Beavers.  

Corporoate Branding

I’m In Stitches will ensure that your logo keeps the same look as your professional materials.  We will work with you throughout the process to ensure that we are meeting your graphic standards in terms of both quality of workmanship and color matching.  You will have the opportunity to approve artwork and, where feasible, even to check out sample garments for quality and sizing purposes.  We can even offer you a virtual store to make ordering easy for your staff.

Our quality of product, service and materials will reinforce your company’s commitment to quality.