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Getting from Concept to Custom Patches in Five Days


“How quickly can I get some custom patches made?” is a question we commonly get.

We had a customer contact us and explain that he needed 20 patches within five days.  We asked for art to estimate the job.  The only art available initially was this.

Image of banner with Willamette Dental art - Portland While we are sometimes able to work some magic with the art customers supply, this was not going to work.  The image you are seeing here is the full size, highest resolution art originally supplied.  So we explained to the customer that we needed something with better resolution, even if that meant someone digging this banner out of a closet and snapping a phone photo of it.  And that is exactly what happened, which led to this…

image of Willamette Dental Plaque Panther art - Portland


That was a more reasonable starting point.  The customer also expressed a preference for round patches, some different text and that the shorts and brush should be embroidered in pink.  We worked on it and went through multiple iterations of the design, tweaking text, and which colors were connected.  With the fifth version, the customer was happy.  We started cranking out the patches.  First one….custom patches for Willamette Dental - Portland…and then more until we had the full collection requested by the client.  We let just one of our machines do all the work to create these.  Each patch required about 25 minutes of machine time to create patches that are about 3.25 inches in diameter.

The end result is nice, small run of custom embroidered patches that we were able to deliver back to the customer a mere five days after the customer’s initial inquiry.small run of embroidered patches for Willamette Dental Group - Portland

For clients who need large runs of hundreds or thousands of patches, we will outsource the patch production to a specialty patch house with which we partner for such jobs.  Doing so offers price savings to the client, but boosts the lead time to about three weeks and requires a minimum order of at least fifty patches.  Small runs are a little more expensive because the patches are competing for machine time with items that offer higher margins, like embroidered jackets, caps, and polos.  But if someone needs a small batch of patches in a hurry, a commercial embroidery shop will probably be ready, capable, and willing to make that happen with in-house equipment.

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