Custom Motorcycle Biker Patches


Are you searching for a vendor that can make custom motorcyle patches for youembroidered-MC-cut-patchr club?  Look no further.  I’m In Stitches makes custom patches to meet the design specifications of your MC.

The embroidery setup process ensures that clients get to review stitched proofs of the patches for purposes of requesting color changes or edits to the design itself.  Once we have that all dialed i

n, we notate customer preferences in the customer’s file for any future re-orders.

In order to offer a quote and to start a patch project, what we need is to see high quality digital art for the main patches. You may upload a digital image or a photo via our Contact Us page.  We also need an understanding of the methodology for personalization of club patches (e.g., initiation dates, nickname placements, etc.).

Photos of how these have been done previously can often be sufficient, especially if you submit photos.


We only embroider the motorcycle club patches.  We do not sew the patches onto jackets or vests.  What we send out are custom embroidered patches stitched onto black marine vinyl.  These are presented in a larger piece of material.  For example, curving rocker patches will be presented on a rectangular shaped piece of vinyl.  This allows clients to cut the patches out of the vinyl according to club preferences about how much extra material the club wants around the patch to help sew the patch to the jacket or vest.

I’m In Stitches respects clubs’ desires to control club patches.  We understand that clubs want only their members showing affiliation with a club.  While we cannot control whether any one order looks similar to another club’s patches and colors, we can guarantee that any patches that are incomplete or damaged in production will be destroyed before being discarded.