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Sweatshirts and hoodies

screen printed sweatshirts silk screened hoodies embroidered sweatshirts


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We offer a variety of labels from which to choose:

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With sweatshirts, there are four things to consider:

1) Style  — There are four basic style differences:

(a) Crew neck sweatshirts – This is the basic sweatshirt.  Look for this when what you want is just some added warmth.  Crew neck sweatshirts are probably most common in school and athletic environments.  Its primary function is warmth.  Most customers opt for screen printing crew neck sweatshirts rather than embroidering them because they are usually trying to communicate their message with a large printed design, not with the style of the garment itself.

silk screened sweatshirts screen printed hoodies embroidered sweatshirts

(b) Hooded sweatshirts – Hoodies are probably the most popular among our clients in the Puget Sound area.  The hood and the pockets provide that added warmth on wetter days.  Decor on these can go either way.  We produce embroidered hoodies and screen printed hoodies for both schools and professional clients.  We can also embroider the front and screen print on the back.  The key thing to contemplate with a hooded sweatshirt is whether your design will be visible when the hood is falling across the back — a very tall design or a design that is simply placed too high on the back is likely to be obscured by the hood when the wearer is not wearing the hood on his or her head.

(c) Full zip sweatshirts — Similar to the hooded sweatshirts above, but zippered along the front.  While this style of garment can be found on both men and women, we find that it is particularly appealing among women and senior citizens who do not want to wrestle a garment over their heads.

(d) 1/4 zip (or 1/2 zip) sweatshirts – The zipper is a nice way to dress up a typical sweatshirt.  These sorts of sweatshirts are typically decorated with embroidery.  Suitable for both casual work days and school environments, it’s the sweatshirt of choice that bridges both worlds well.

2) Fabric type:

(a) 50/50 blend (cotton/polyester) – Probably 95% of the screen printed and embroidered sweatshirts you see are of this variety.  It is popular for warmth, its 9.0 oz medium weight, and its economical price.

The polyester in the sweatshirts will eventually begin to pill with repeated washings and wear.  Pilling is inevitable over the long run with any garment that contains polyester in the fabric.  Follow the garment care guidelines to maximize the life of the sweatshirt.

(b) 80/20 blend or 90/10 blend (cotton/polyester) — This is for folks who are looking for rugged, “heavy duty” sweatshirt.  The fabric weighs in at 12 oz. or even 12.5 oz.  — you will feel the difference!

(c) 100% polyester – For folks looking for moisture-wicking performance fabric sweatshirts, these are also available.

3) Ladies’ cut, youth sizes, and mens (unisex) – Unisex sweatshirts means a mens’ cut.  There are sweatshirts specially designed – infantsyouth, and ladies’ forms in mind.  Ordering ladies’ cut sweatshirts for the women in your group generally does not add much, if anything, to the cost of your order.

4) Label – Differences in the quality of construction of sweatshirts among various labels are visible to the eye and palpable to the touch.  Port & Co, Hanes, and Gildan are familiar and economical options that are suitable for many applications.  A few extra dollars can buy much better quality by stepping up to the Sport-Tek, Ogio, and Tri-Mountain labels.   Finally, Nike and Cutter & Buck are premium labels for a reason, and they produce outstanding quarter zip and half zip golf cover-ups.

5) Embroidery or screen printing – We screen print and/or embroider sweatshirts to suit our customers’ tastes.  If you have not yet decided which route to follow, we will be happy to listen to what you are trying to achieve and then talk you through the options.