photo of embroidery thread cones in color array - Portland Seattle

Embroidery Thread Selection Color Charts


Madeira is the top name in embroidery thread.  We use Madeira’s Polyneon and Classic Rayon thread.  Madeira Embroidery Thread Supplier logo Seattle PortlandWe tend to favor the Polyneon thread because of its higher tensile strength.  But the Classic Rayon still has a wider color selection, so we will use those for customers whose logos use colors outside of the Polyneon color palette.

Below are multipage PDF color thread charts for Madeira’s Polyneon and Classic Rayon options.  You are welcome to flip through the pages and select the thread colors you prefer.  You may also simple share with us the pantone colors that meet your brand’s style guide.  Alternatively, we will be happy to try to help you make a best fit.  We will still want you to see an actual physical stitchout of your logo before we proceed to embroider any garments that you order.


Polyneon Options



Classic Rayon Options