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Embroidered caps, hats, and beanies to suit your style!

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We provide custom embroidered caps, hats, and beanies.  Choose from thousands of styles of headwear just by clicking on the catalog links above.  You can even create your own fully customized cap style if you have a longer lead time and are willing to order in bulk quantities.

Understanding Local vs. Overseas Cap Production and Decoration 

Excepting a few “Made in the USA” caps, the vast majority of promotional headwear is made overseas.  Understanding the production and related delivery logistics that result in a cap or beanie that remains cost-effective will help clarify the options for decoration and timeline.

Embroidery on the front, side, or back is about the limit of what can be done to decorate a cap after it has been assembled at a cap factory.  If you want complete customization, then the components of the cap need to be decorated before assembly…

…in China…

   …from where it will travel via a slow container ship to Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Oakland, Long Beach. or some other U.S. west coast seaport…

      …at which point it will still take up to a week to get to you via UPS or FedEx ground transportation.

Domestic Embroidery Custom Overseas Decoration
Decoration Available Embroidery on front, side, and/or back only Embroidery, Watermarks, Dye-sublimation, screen printing, custom labels, printed seam taping inside the cap, custom tears and rips, laser etching, custom and frayed patches, choice of fabrics
Lead Time 2 weeks 12 weeks
Quantity Desired No minimum order 144-288 pc minimum, depending upon the style chosen and decoration desired

Domestic production right out of our shop is what the majority of our clients are seeking.  If that suits your needs, we can help you in three quick steps:

  1. Take a quick peek at the cap photos below to get a quick sense of how you would prioritize the cap features you like most,
  2. Click one or more of the catalog links above to dive in and start browsing our cap selections,
  3. Contact Us to tell us what strikes your fancy.

Or just Contact Us to tell us what you have in mind and we will be happy to help you narrow the field by helping you identify the features you prioritize.

If you want to explore doing a bulk order of fully customized custom caps and can wait up to three months for delivery, we will be happy to help you create the cap of your dreams.