Embroidery of a Full Jacket Back in Time Compressed Video


Below is a time compressed video of a full jacket back embroidery design we did for the Hoh Indian Tribe, which finds its home west of Seattle on the Pacific side of the Olympic Peninsula.  We first helped the tribe identify a soft shell jacket that fit their members’ needs.   Then we worked with them on the design accuracy and thread colors while the jackets were inbound from our supplier.  Then we got to work stitching out these beautiful custom embroidered jackets!

The design has more than 66K stitches.  At normal operating speed on one of our commercial machines, the full embroidered design takes about 90 minutes to stitch out.  We figured you probably would rather not watch the full 90 minute segment, so we compressed the video down to less than five minutes.

The white mark you see on the jacket is a vertical line of white chalk we used to identify the center of the jacket back and to ensure that the design is vertically aligned on center.  The white chalk is either patted out or wiped clean with a damp cloth after the completion of the design as the garment is folded and prepared for delivery to the client.

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