image of stitched embroidery designs with light reflection differences

What the Chewbotcas Can Reveal about Color Phase Shifting


With embroidered custom apparel, one of the biggest challenges can be thread color selection.  That may seem like a nonsensical issue at first, but consider the two main issues: While there are thousands of Pantone colors, there are only hundreds of thread colors. The apparent color of thread is affected by the angle of view and the direction of the …

Before and after images of screen printed tshirts with oversized watermark effect

Would You Like to Supersize the Screen Printing on that T-Shirt?


If you really want your screen printed t-shirts and hoodies to stand out from the crowd, consider going with an oversized image to create a watermark effect on your garment.  One of our clients is a youth motocross racing club from south of the Seattle-Bellevue area in Washington.  For a number of years, they just went with a basic two …

Image of embroidered patches in their media

Getting from Concept to Custom Patches in Five Days


“How quickly can I get some custom patches made?” is a question we commonly get. We had a customer contact us and explain that he needed 20 patches within five days.  We asked for art to estimate the job.  The only art available initially was this.  While we are sometimes able to work some magic with the art customers supply, …

embroidery on Mossy Oak camo hats - Oakland, Albuquerque

Embroidery on Camouflage Caps


When a customer wants a logo embroidered on camo caps, we’re always intrigued.  Camouflage hats are an interesting choice for logo wear.  The designed purpose of camouflage clothing is, of course, to make the wearer more difficult to see in a given environmental setting.  Guess what?  The camouflage patterns do a superb job of concealing certain types of logos.  Go figure!  So …

Embroidery of a Full Jacket Back in Time Compressed Video


Below is a time compressed video of a full jacket back embroidery design we did for the Hoh Indian Tribe, which finds its home west of Seattle on the Pacific side of the Olympic Peninsula.  We first helped the tribe identify a soft shell jacket that fit their members’ needs.   Then we worked with them on the design accuracy and …

screen printed tshirt example Homer

Mixing Screen Printing Techniques for Effect and Budget


We were contacted about a potential embroidery or screen printing job by a Home Depot store near Tacoma, WA.  The store had won a regional sales award and the manager was was looking for a way to recognize and reward its 150+ employees when the store was to be visited by senior executives. We started off talking about embroidered sports …

Constraints and Pragmatism Related to Embroidered Luggage and Travel Bags


We had an inquiry from a potential client in New York about embroidered luggage.  This person asked why every shop he had contacted had said it could not be done while we have a blog post that talks about how it is possible to embroider luggage.  He supplied the photo featured above. Why this cannot be successfully accomplished is actually a two …

Top Five Indicators You Should Avoid THAT Embroidery Shop


NUMBER 5:  The embroidery shop is aligned with a single supplier. One of the top suppliers to the embroidery and screen printing world offers a nice service to decorators like us.  They are eager to help new decorators get off the ground and will help the decorator build a “custom” website with a full catalog.  Want to know how to spot one of …