image of stitched embroidery designs with light reflection differences

What the Chewbotcas Can Reveal about Color Phase Shifting


With embroidered custom apparel, one of the biggest challenges can be thread color selection.  That may seem like a nonsensical issue at first, but consider the two main issues: While there are thousands of Pantone colors, there are only hundreds of thread colors. The apparent color of thread is affected by the angle of view and the direction of the …

Before and after images of screen printed tshirts with oversized watermark effect

Would You Like to Supersize the Screen Printing on that T-Shirt?


If you really want your screen printed t-shirts and hoodies to stand out from the crowd, consider going with an oversized image to create a watermark effect on your garment.  One of our clients is a youth motocross racing club from south of the Seattle-Bellevue area in Washington.  For a number of years, they just went with a basic two …