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Need restaurant-quality embroidered aprons or promotional quality aprons?  We offer customized aprons, chef coats, chef hats, and restaurant uniforms from Port Authority and Fame Fabrics.image of embroidered and screen printed apron

Screen printing will work for promotional, non-coated aprons.  However, quality industrial kitchen aprons are treated with a Teflon coating to provide stain resistance and long-term durability.  Embroidery on Teflon-coated aprons and restaurant wear will provide a far better outcome than screen printing.  That same Teflon coating will interfere with the ability of screen print ink to adhere to the fabric of the garment.  You will not notice that immediately, but the ink will be more likely to peel and flake over the long run because it is not making direct contact with the fabric fibers.  Thread, on the other hand, will not flake off.

If you are looking to outfit an entire restaurant crew with top quality industrial kitchen and wait staff aprons, Fame Fabrics is the way to go.  If you just need a few quality aprons or a whole slew of promotional quality aprons, Port Authority offers a wide array of choices and we can help you identify which of the Port Authority choices will best suit your needs. 

Click the catalog links below to the right to start browsing the catalogs.  Custom embroidered restaurant and bar aprons chef coats Beaverton OregonDo not place an order directly with Fame Fabrics.  Doing so will actually cost you more than if we order your aprons for you.

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