image of screen print tray tightening lever - seattle, tacoma, portland, oregon


I’m In Stitches embroidery and screen printing was founded south of Seattle, Washington in January 2008.  We have grown our business considerably over the years and now have clients wearing our custom apparel throughout the United States and beyond.  As our reputation for quality embroidery and screen printing work has grown, so has our business grown into new markets.

Map of client locations, including San Francisco, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Bellevue


If you clicked through to this page looking for a street address because you want to walk into our shop and browse in person, that is not going to be possible.  Our business model is to make things convenient for our clients without forcing them to visit us.  That keeps our overhead down while keeping our service level high.

As a consequence of how and where we have grown, we do have a number of markets on which we focus more attention with dedicated local customer service.  You are also welcome to call us at the most convenient number for you.  That said, we will almost always need to see your art file before we can offer any sort of quote.  That is why we strongly encourage you use our Contact Us form as a starting point.  We will route that inquiry to the person best able to answer your questions.

We look forward to making your team look great!