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Embroidery on Camouflage Caps


When a customer wants a logo embroidered on camo caps, we’re always intrigued.  Camouflage hats are an interesting choice for logo wear.  The designed purpose of camouflage clothing is, of course, to make the wearer more difficult to see in a given environmental setting.  Guess what?  The camouflage patterns do a superb job of concealing certain types of logos.  Go figure!  So when someone wants embroidered camo logo wear, we always want to have some verbal discussion with the buyer about expectations and presentation options.

In the featured photo at the top of the page, the camo caps make a ton of sense for the buyer.  WapitiTalk is a hunting forum, so a camouflage pattern is a desired choice in that arena.  What makes the logo work nicely is the choice of red thread against the greens and khaki.  In this case, it is the contrasting red color that breaks the pattern and allows the eye to focus on the logo.

The digicamo beanie here with the pink logo works the same way.  embroidery on digicamo beanieThe color is what most obviously draws the eye to the logo.  What is also working for the logo here is its size.  A large pattern will break up the digicamo background.  Here is another example.  embroidered digicamo caps

What does not work well against camouflage backgrounds is a logo with thin lines or thin text that is in the same color hues as the background.  What we recommend in those situations is to first embroider a circular or rectangular base color to visually break up the camo background, and then place the logo atop the base.  Here’s an example of a logo with thin elements for which we recommended a visual “base” to break up the camo pattern and focus attention on the logo.

embroidered patch look for camo caps | Bellevue, Kirkland, WA


If you’re looking for custom embroidered camo caps, Outdoor Cap Co has a very extensive collection of offerings in this arena.  Just go to our Shop for Custom Embroidered Caps page and click on the Outdoor Cap logo to start your search.


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