About Us

Our goal is to make your team look great, and to do so in a way that respects your priorities and your time.

There are a lot of companies that offer a full range of promotional products, including embroidery and screen printing.  We have focused our energy on providing top notch corporate logo wear, screen printing, and team uniforms.

Why choose I’m In Stitches:

  • We recognize that our clients are wearing our reputation! We know that upholding that reputation means not trying to save a nickel by selling low quality apparel that will fall apart on you.
  • We stick with quality manufacturing labels, and we can often offer advice even within a manufacturer’s line about the quality of the garment.
  • Diligent attention to the appearance of your embroidered logo.  The owners of I’m In Stitches came from the world of Fortune 500 banks and the most recognized non-profit brand in the world.  We have years of experience complying with and and protecting corporate brand identity standards.  Some of our customers have been surprised at how we have seemed to put more care and attention into their logo they they do themselves.
  • We invested in top of the line embroidery equipment because of our commitment to quality.  Mediocre equipment can produce mediocre results or force you to make design compromises.  Take a close look at the Lindquist Dental Clinic example of our work.  There are 13 colors in that logo.  Many embroidery vendors have equipment that will only allow for 8 colors.  How much do you want to compromise your image?
  • We offer spot color screen printing, process screen printing, and simulated process screen printing. Our screen printing team has years of experience satisfying the silk screen needs of the 4×4 and racing crowd.  So whether it’s full color custom tees of motorcycles splashing through mud or simple, one-color school spirit wear sweatshirts, you can have confidence that your order will be done correctly and will look great.
  • Heat Press services for team sports uniforms.
  • Customer service.  If you are used to ordering from impersonal online vendors and crossing your fingers that what you paid for will resemble what you ordered, you are going to have a totally different experience working with I’m In Stitches.  If you are used to being told to come pick up your order, you’re going to have a totally different experience with us.  Contact us to begin experiencing the difference.

Why not to choose I’m In Stitches:

If you’re on a quest to find the cheapest t-shirts you can, or really cheap embroidery, move along and good luck to you.  We believe there is value in the quality of our apparel, the quality of our service, the quality of our embroidery, and the quality of our screen printing.  Our prices are competitive and we will be happy to offer you a quote, but we will not compete to be the cheapest.

If you are trying to bring in items you purchased elsewhere, we are not the right vendor for your project. We do not work on customer-supplied items.