FAQ’s about Embroidery & Screen Printing



Q.  How much does it cost.  Can you give me a quick idea?

A.  We need to see the art you have in mind in order to give you a quote that will hold true.  You can upload your art through our Contact Us page.

Q.  Are your prices cheap?

A.  Our prices are competitive.  If you are trying to find the cheapest vendor, be aware that we do not compete to be the cheapest.   We focus on delivering a quality product with quality service.  Our clients value quality. We focus our attention on serving them well with a goal of building long-term relationships.

Q.  What are the set-up charges?

A.  For 98% of embroidery jobs, the set-up charge for a left chest logo placement will be $85.  The set-up charge for a full jacket back will likely be between $150 – $200.


Q.  Can I bring in my own items and have you work on them?

A.  This is a lose-lose proposition.  First, it is not a profitable business model.  Second, while it seems counterintuitive, you will undoubtedly be spending more overall than you otherwise would have (no matter where you go).  Here a bit more about why most embroidery shops won’t work on customer-supplied items.

Q.  How can I know whether the shirts, jackets, and/or caps you sell are quality items?

A.  We prefer not to sell low quality apparel.  We know it’s not in your interest and, therefore, is not in ours either.  We will happily recommend shirts, jackets, caps, etc. for embroidery that were constructed well in the first place.  If you should happen to choose something from our suppliers’ catalogs that we know to be a substandard garment, we are going to put your order on hold until we have a chance to tell you why you may want to reconsider your selection.


Q.  What is your minimum order quantity?

A.  For embroidery, the minimum order quantity is one piece, though there will likely be a small order fee of some sort..  For screen printing, the screen set-up charges that are required per run make i unwise for a customer to order fewer than 13 pieces.

Q.  What file format is required as a starting point?

A.  Vectorized art is ideal, but even a good JPEG or a photo can be made to work.  Vectorized art is typically created with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.  The file extensions are .ai or .cdr.  A PDF that was generated from Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw is actually our favorite starting point.

Q. What is the deal with the vectorized art?

A.  Vectorized art can be magnified without pixelization.  Vectorized art is a must for screen printing so that colors can be separated and images can be printed with minimal pixelization.


Q.  How quickly can you complete this job for me?

A.  Rush jobs are possible, but for both embroidery and screen printing jobs we typically like a two week lead time.  We need that time to place orders to our suppliers, allow for inbound shipping time, work with you on your art and proofs, decorate your your garments, and then post-production folding and packaging.

Q.  If I am paying the embroidery set-up charge, do I get a copy of the computer file?

A.  No.  The embroidery set-up charge is paying for a service we provide to you.  The digital file we purchase or create for our use with our equipment remains our intellectual property.  We have a blog post dedicated to explaining the embroidery set-up charge in much greater detail.

Q.  If I am paying for a screen printing art charge, do I get a copy of the digital files?

A.  No problem.  Vector art files are routinely shared among graphic artists, printers, sign makers, vehicle decal vendors, and screen printing shops.  If you would like a copy of your vector art files, just ask.

Q.  Where are you located?

A.  If you are trying to drive to our shop, you are probably trying to bring in your own items.  We do not do work on customer-supplied items.  Our service includes delivering the items you order from us to you.

Q.  What is the difference between screen printing and silk screening?

A.  No difference.

Q.  What is the difference between spot printing, half-tone printing, process printing, and simulated processs printing?

A.  See our Screen Printing page for an explanation of various screen printing techniques.

Q.   If I do not have a logo, can you design a logo for us?

A.  We translate creativity exceptionally well, but we are not artists ourselves.  We can refer you to a number of great folks who can help you design a logo, a website, and even full-fledged marketing plans.