Fully Customized Dye-Sublimated Sports Team Uniforms


all-around-printed-team-volleyball-uniforms-portlandDye-sublimation our newest offering in the arena of custom team uniforms.  Dye-sublimated decoration is the rage among select sports teams.  Through Teamwork Athletic’s ProSphere offerings, I’m In Stitches can deliver these graphically intense designs to make your select team stand out!


  1. Go to the ProSphere web application and select from twelve sports to begin designing your uniforms.
  2. Select the material and cut.
  3. Select a basic design pattern or upload your own.
  4. Choose your base color and up to two accent colors.
  5. Choose the look of the team name, its color scheme, and its location(s) on the uniform.
  6. Choose a sample jersey number and its location(s) on the uniforms.
  7. Enter your team roster with jersey numbers (take care with this as there is no “erasing” the print on the final product).
  8. Save your order retrieval number at the end of the process and let us know what that is via our Contact Us page.
  9. We will send you a final quote and work with you to verify your order.
  10. Names, numbers, graphics, even fill patterns inside the numbers will all be printed directly into the fabric of the uniform.  There is zero risk that printed ink will flake off in the wash or that vinyl numbers will peel away at corners.
  11. From final approval of the art and order, we will deliver your team’s jerseys to your door in three weeks or less.  Rush orders are available if you have a late addition to the team.

Best of all, there is no minimum order!


We can offer dye-sublimated t-shirts, coaches apparel, and hoodies via the same process.


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