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OGIO Quarter Zip Pullovers and Half Zips: Elevate Your Corporate Style Game


In the hustle and bustle of the office environment, appearance matters. Previously we discussed OGIO hoodies, the fabric, comfort, and ability to embroider being comparable to NIKE hoodies – at a lower cost. Hoodies are more casual, outside the office apparel, to enhance a company brand. You’ll often see the hoodie used for service-oriented companies with workers on the move. However, quarter zip pullovers, which are sometimes called half zips, are dominating inside the office and when a more professional look is desired outside the office. Although a standard for years as workout wear, the quarter zips are on-trend for corporate office fashion.

What makes a quarter zip pullover perfect for the office?

A quarter zip is comfortable, lightweight and stylish. For both men and women, it can easily be paired with a polo shirt and slacks to create a sophisticated business casual look. A little more casual? When paired with jeans, the quarter zip looks sharper than a hoodie. Chilled by the office AC? Move over vests, it’s a quarter zip to the rescue, with premium choices being OGIO, NIKE, TravisMathew, Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, and The North Face. It’s the comfort of a hoodie meeting the crispness of office attire.

Versatility for corporate logo wear

In the world of corporate branding, the OGIO ¼ zip is on-trend. The clean lines and professional look make it ideal for showcasing your company logo. OGIO doesn’t compromise on quality, and the fabric used in their quarter zip is no exception. The ¼ zip boasts the same plush and durable material as their hoodies. Color options matter – from classic blacks to vibrant hues, the options are as diverse as your brand’s personality.

Ease of maintenance

Busy professionals need attire that’s easy to care for. OGIO quarter zip doesn’t demand special treatment. Toss it in the wash, and it’s ready for the next corporate meeting. This makes it an easy choice for the modern workforce who has little time for dry-cleaning and high-maintenance fabrics. OGIO quarter zips are made of a strong, stretchy 95/5 poly/spandex jersey fabric that’s made for active people and those that need comfortable and trendy attire in the office.

Affordability in corporate apparel

Corporate attire doesn’t have to break the bank. OGIO quarter zips offer premium quality without the premium price tag. They are a lesser known brand, but an excellent alternative for companies looking to outfit their teams in style without compromising the budget. As we have discussed elsewhere, we believe OGIO delivers approximately 90% of the quality one would expect from a NIKE product, yet it comes with a significant advantage – a price tag that is only 60% of its illustrious competitor.

Fashion trends in corporate attire

Corporate fashion isn’t static. It evolves with the times. Whether you choose Nike, OGIO, The North Face, Brooks Brothers, or TravisMathews, a ¼ zip is a solid choice. Stay on-trend with a style and brand that understands the importance of blending contemporary styles with workplace professionalism. Use the quarter zip to create a cohesive team look. Even the Washington Post has chimed in on the quarter zip taking over as a corporate trend.

Ready to try the OGIO quarter zip?!

If you’re interested, and want to see why OGIO is so well loved, contact us today.

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