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Availability of High Quality, Premium Brands for Corporate Apparel


High quality brands available for your corporate apparel needs

Not only does I’m In Stitches offer a range of apparel products and garments, we also offer a varied selection of High Quality Premium Brands for corporate apparel. Each one of these brands are readily available from our wholesale suppliers and can be shipped to our embroidery shop quickly. Premium doesn’t have to mean unavailable.

Our team can assist you in finding the right brand for your apparel needs.

Your business type and business needs determine the best fit 

Embroidered apparel product needs vary from business to business. The best brands for construction are different from those desired in office and sales settings.

For example:

  • A restaurant would value stain resistant fabric more than a performance fabric.
  • A construction or HVAC service firm would value fabric durability.
  • A tech company might prize comfort.
  • A bank or law firm might strive for clothing that exudes a corporate culture suggesting success.  

To help with decision-making, the I’m In Stitches website provides information about the garments such as fabric types, fabric weights, work safety ratings, styles and types as well as fashion features. Our online catalogs allow you to examine and evaluate what garments fit your needs best.

You can find more information about these premium brands in our online catalogs: 

  1. Nike Golf
  2. Richardson
  3. New Era
  4. TravisMathew
  5. The North Face
  6. Champion
  7. OGIO
  8. Eddie Bauer
  9. Carhartt
  10. Columbia
  11. Marmot
  12. Cutter & Buck

Corporate Apparel for your company

Premium brands are often just as available as other brands offered. Planning and knowledge of our suppliers helps us stay on top of our customer’s needs for this high quality, premium brand apparel. Knowing the timeframe and expectations for these brands is important when getting ready for an order or an event. Contact our team to learn more!

high quality premium brands for corporate apparel

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