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Let’s talk about hoodies – Ogio Hoodies to be more specific!


We’ve been told by customers, “now that I’ve worn an OGIO Hoodie, I’ll never wear a basic hoodie again!” That’s high praise and a great recommendation if you are looking for corporate logo wear that your employees will WANT to wear. OGIO offers a range of hoodie designs that not only look great, but also provide excellent comfort and durability.

What makes an OGIO Hoodie so comfortable?

One of the most appealing aspects of the OGIO Hoodie is its combination of comfort and style. They are crafted using premium materials that guarantee exceptional comfort. These hoodies are soft, breathable, and offer great insulation against the cold. They are made from a stretch material that moves with your body rather than against it and feature comfy interior textured fleece. The blend of soft fabrics and the hoodie’s relaxed fit ensures a cozy feel that your employees or customers will appreciate. Comfort is never compromised, making them perfect for long-lasting wear.

Comfort is good, but is it durable?

When it comes to apparel for company logo branded wear, durability is a crucial factor. OGIO Hoodies excel in this aspect, thanks to their robust construction and high-quality materials. These hoodies are designed to withstand everyday use and maintain their appearance even after repeated washing. Investing in OGIO Hoodies means ensuring your company logo will be displayed on garments that stand the test of time.

Are OGIO Hoodies good for embroidery?

Yes! OGIO hoodies are specifically designed to accommodate corporate embroidery. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the embroidery process and have a smooth surface that is perfect for displaying intricate designs and logos. OGIO allows you to choose from a variety of logo placement locations, sizes, and colors. The ability to tailor your OGIO Hoodies to your company’s specific needs allows for a personalized touch that sets your branded wear apart from the competition.

Premium quality at reasonable pricing

The OGIO hoodie stands out as a premium quality product available at a reasonable price. Our experience with this hoodie has shown us that it is positioned above the basic range for pricing, rightfully reflecting its superior construction and materials. However, it remains below the price point that one might expect given its impressive attributes. In our opinion, this places the hoodie in a sweet spot, offering customers a chance to acquire a premium product at a more accessible price. In fact, we often find ourselves sharing our opinion with customers that OGIO offers approximately 90% of the quality you would expect from a Nike hoodie, but at only 60% of the price. While OGIO may not carry the same brand recognition as Nike, it manages to deliver exceptional quality without the hefty price tag associated with more prominent athletic brands.

Ready to try the OGIO Hoodie?!

If you are interested, and want to see why OGIO is so well loved, I’m In Stitches can provide sample products so you can touch the fabric, feel the softness, and see how stylish it will look on you and your employees! Use the OGIO Hoodie to create a cohesive team look and to promote your brand.
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