Is really cheap screen printing really a great deal?


It depends on two factors: 1) whether you care about the quality of the outcome, and 2) whether you expect you may want to reprint your shirts again at a future date.

Yes, you can get really cheap screen printed shirts. You may, however, be disappointed to discover that you can see through the shirts.

Yes, you can get really cheap screen printed shirts. You may, however, have found a brand new vendor. Why is a brand new vendor often less expensive? They may not have the right equipment, causing them to provide poor or inconsistent quality of print from garment to garment.

New screen printing businesses also tend to underestimate a whole range of costs associated with operating the business. That can be a boon to the buyer who finds such a vendor, but the vendor who cannot operate profitably will probably not be around to take a second order from the buyer. That means starting from scratch with a new vendor the next time, paying new art charges and new set-up charges.

So if you’re doing a one time design, you may be willing to tolerate these compromises. But if you have a vested interest in making sure that your logo is presented professionally and in a way that meets your graphic standards or if you anticipate re-printing your logo on future orders, then it makes sense to pick a vendor that has demonstrated a successful operating history.

Quality screen printers have a history of success and a reputation to protect. We are intensely interested in making sure our clients are thrilled with their purchase because we want our clients to wear our work proudly, to come back the next time they shop for screen printing, and to refer new business! We know the right equipment to use to ensure each of your garments looks as good as the next, and that they will stand up over the course of time.

Oh, and we WILL try to convince clients choose a quality garment.

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