Why we insist on quality, and why you should too.


I had a client call me and request that we provide “cheap, cheap, cheap” shirts. I told him we could oblige with a $13 shirt. When I delivered the shirts, he noticed that the style was similar to the beat up shirt he was wearing.

“Is that the same shirt as what I’m wearing now?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I hate this shirt,” he told me.

I told him, “So do I. But you declared you wanted ‘cheap, cheap, cheap.’ If you had called and inquired about quality, our conversation would have gone in another direction and you’d be looking at a better shirt that only cost a few dollars more.”

We often judge books by the cover. In the world of promotional apparel, that “cover” consists of the quality of the embroidery work and screen printing. Equally important, though, is the quality of the garment itself. I frequently observe folks who represent well known national companies wearing embroidered shirts with curled collars and which have pilled up quite a bit. Some of that responsibility lies with the person wearing the shirt not caring for it properly. But some of it lies with the company not picking a quality garment in the first place. What impression is that leaving with your potential customer? If they’re wondering whether your company has not noticed that they need to replace the fuzzy, curled rags the staff are wearing, how much confidence will the customer have that the product or service the staffer is selling will work as promised?

I’m In Stitches works with our clients to make sure that both the apparel and the decor reflect well on your organization.

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