Can Luggage Be Embroidered?


We have an embroidery client in greater Seattle area that occasionally orders pieces of luggage.  Yes, embroidery on luggage is possible.  It adds a mark of distinction to your travel bags and helps you extend your brand image to the airport, the hotel, and beyond. monogrammed Ogio travel bag Seattle Redmond WA

That said, branding your luggage with your corporate logo or your initials is not an easy task.  Any garment or bag placed on an embroidery machine must be hooped (i.e., framed) to stablize the garment while the machine

While most embroidery hooping frames will hold the weight of even the heaviest jackets, a true piece of sturdy luggage is not only difficult to hoop but also will certainly fall off of the machine.  This will definitely damage the bag, possibly damage the machine, and bring production to a halt.  In fact, a bag like this has to be manually held in place while the machine does its work, which could take 5 to 20 minutes depending upon the logo.  That’s a lot of time not spent working on other projects or carrying on other aspects of one’s business while tending to one item on one machine.

So if you are interested in having logos on your bags, recognize that the embroiderer is incurring an unusual amount of time and risk to achieve an outcome that looks painless and easy.  It is not painless and it is not easy.  Working on bulky items involves muscle, time, and risk, which means there needs to be significant profit potential to make the risk worthwhile.

Before you spend time shopping around for sales, recognize that no quality embroidery shop is going to want to help you with bags you find on sale in a store somewhere.  You will need to choose from pieces that are available wholesale to our shop as these pieces will have been designed and manufactured with decoration in mind.  It will not be cheap, but you can and should expect a quality bag and a quality outcome for the price.

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  1. I have a customer that has requested a monogram on a 3 piece luggage set. I could not figure how to stabilize the items other than holding them personally. I guess I am glad I’m not alone… The result is beautiful, but the process is indeed very involved.

    1. Post

      Thank you for your comment! I don’t know if your client brought you their own luggage or not, but luggage is a great example of why we do not do work on customer-supplied items.

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