Comparing the quality of embroidered caps


We just completed an order of embroidered caps for a client who wanted a specific label of cap.  We usually try to avoid using this vendors’ caps because we have not been excited about the quality of the manufacturing.  This batch not only did not persuade us to change our minds, but caused us to think of whether and how we can avoid using these hats altogether.  You’ll see from the photo below that the seams are splitting.  We didn’t do that.  Three of the hats arrived looking like that straight from the distributor.  So now, we have to try to return them and order replacements, neither of which are revenue-producing activities.  Lessons to be learned:

1) We strive to ensure that our customers don’t have the bad experience of discovering flaws in the logo wear items they ordered.

2) When we recommend certain labels for certain types of clothing, we have sound reasons behind the recommendations.



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