Reason #3 why most embroiderers do not want to deal with a garment you bring to them


Suitability of the garment itself. I had a client present to us fleece jackets that she purchased from a warehouse store. She was very proud of her success in finding a cheap deal on these jackets. What she did not consider was that there was decorative piping running vertically through the left chest area where she wanted her logo placed.

Embroidery firm’s suppliers manufacture clothes with the embroiderer in mind as the customer. Shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets will tend to have a spacious, flat area for the end client’s embroidered design. Some jackets even have special hidden pockets to facilitate embroidering the garment well.

We want our clients to look good in their apparel. We can best guarantee that outcome when we are using suppliers that make garments that were designed with decoration in mind, and with which we’re already familiar.

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